Turtleback Ferry

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Turtleback Ferry

The village of Turtleback Ferry is a relatively quiet frontier hamlet located on the banks of the Skull River in central Varisia.

Turtleback Ferry’s mayor is an aged cleric of Erastil named Father Maelin Shreed, a selfless soul who tends to the village church as both a safe haven for travelers and a hospital wherein he tends the village’s sick. Turtleback Ferry boasts several commercial buildings as a trading post, an inn, a tavern, and a smith.

Most of the village’s other buildings are the homes of farmers, hunters, fishers, and trappers. Visitors to Turtleback Ferry find the locals friendly enough, although many of them seem nervous and skittish, quick to lock their doors at night and often overreacting to the sound of dogs barking or other unexpected noises.

The wilds nearby (particularly Kreegwood) have grown more dangerous. Wild animals like bears, firepelt cougars, and boars are becoming increasingly common along the edges of these woodlands, and several of Turtleback’s hunters and trappers believe these predators are being forced from the depths of the woodlands by the increased activity of local monsters like ogres, trolls, and worse.


Turtleback Ferry came under the nominal control of the city of Magnimar in about 4662 AR, even though it is geographically closer to Korvosa. The village had already been well established by that point, but was looking for additional protection from marauding ogres and ogrekin. The lord-mayor had nearby Fort Rannick built for this purpose, bringing in the Order of the Black Arrows to man it and lead the offensive against the threats of the region. With the help of the rangers, the ogres of Hook Mountain were decisively defeated in 4662 AR in the Valley of Broken Trees.

Turtleback Ferry

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