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  • Abstalar Zantus

    The new high-priest of Sandpoint is a pleasant man named *ABSTALAR ZANTUS*. A worshiper of [[Desna]], Abstalar is very open about matters of faith and has slipped into the role of advisor for worshipers of other gods of Sandpoint with ease.

  • Brodert Quink

    a balding scholar of Varisian history and engineering. Brodert claims to have spent 2 decades of his youth studying with dwarven engineers at Janderhoff and 3 decades as a cataloger at the Founder's Archive in Magnimar, and is continually baffled and …

  • Jubrayl Vhiski

    Rumored to be the leader of the local Sczarni. Sheriff Hemlock has a definite grudge against this man, however this just amuses Jubrayl.

  • Ameiko Kaijitsu

    Ameiko is a beautiful but somewhat irreverent woman of Tian descent who runs Sandpoint’s Rusty Dragon tavern and happens to be a member of one of Sandpoint’s founding families. Ameiko may be among the town’s nobility, but she’s never really cared for the …

  • Shalelu Andosana

    Shaleu is a known as a bounty hunger, survivalist, or mercenary depending on who you talk to around town. She shows up – buys supplies – and then leaves within a few days at best. She always stays at the Rusty Dragon.

  • Tsuto Kaijitsu

    Tsuto is the half brother of [[:ameiko-kaijitsu]]. Although he is the eldest son of [[:lonjiku-kaijitsu]] it is only because his father refused to create a scandal by acknowledging the truth publicly.... Tsuto is half-elven - and so his father is …

  • Lonjiku Kaijitsu

    A glassmaker by trade, he owns the Sandpoint Glassworks and is perhaps the wealthiest person in town. His eldest sun [[:tsuto-kaijitsu]] left Sandpoint several years ago after an argument. His eldest daughter [[:ameiko-kaijitsu]] shamed him by becoming …

  • Belor Hemlock

    Belor Hemlock is the sheriff of the Varisian town of Sandpoint. He replaced the previous sheriff, Casp Avertin, who was killed by mass-murderer Chopper in 4702 AR.[1] Originally a member of the Shriikirri-Quah tribe of the Shoanti, Belor abandoned his …

  • Goblin

    Varisia Goblins have wiry muscle laced frames with over sized heads. This head is filled with piranha like teeth that can easily tear meet from a bone or crack a bone to get to the inside. Given enough supplies, a goblin generally takes nearly a dozen …