Rise of the Runelords

Into Thistletop

Our heroes have taken the fight to Thistletop itself. After an initial scouting of the fortress the ranger Janos disappears mysteriously – leaving behind only a single glove as evidence. Upon trying to find a safe way through the hedge maze that is the entrance to the goblin fort – our nimble rogue is sighted by a group of miserable looking goblins that proceeded to chase her out of the thistlepatch.

After a brief fight where the heroes seemed to get the better of the (unarmed?) goblins (the remainder who still lived fled) the heroes decide to retreat to Sandpoint to restock and try again with a better strategy.

On the way back they are ambushed by Grogmurt and his animal companion – taking heavy losses and barely keeping upright the cat (with amazing ability to crit I might add) is engaged by the Elven ranger as she stepped in to help.

During the fight it appeared that Bjorn wandered off to commune with Mosswood, he has not been found.

Back in the city the party manages to sell some loot and purchase much needed healing potions to assist another attempt on the goblin fortress.

Making their way back into the Thistle maze they find no reinforcements – oddly the maze is very quiet – other than some scroungy goblin dogs that were tied up, no other activity seems to be happening.

They find a rope bridge and manage to notice it’s rigged to drop them into the sea below – and so avoid one potential hazard.

They finally make it to the island fort of the goblins – and hear what sounds like goblins on the far side of the island – however in front of them are doors which are not fully closed and curiosity gets the better of them. Entering the fort they find a room filled with ‘hunting trophies’ and do a check of the area – hearing activity behind several doors and wishing to avoid a fight they open the doors that seem silent.

Finding stairs they work their way down – and hear what sounds like giggles and grunts from a room to the south – making too much noise (dwarves tend to be not silent apparently) – the sounds stop – several moments later as the party waits to see what will happen they are attacked by a Bugbear.

After a fight with the Bugbear and some naked goblin females – they explore some more of the basement complex. They enter a chamber of torture with prison cells and find a Halfling who seems to have been taken captive. They rescue the halfling and after a bit more brashness from the dwarf open a temple complex only to see 2 floating dogs – quickly closing the door they retreat a short distance to be assaulted by an unearthly keening howl – two of the party start to flee in fear for their lives.

Amazingly the wizard manages to tackle Biru and keep her from running off – the halfling keeps going out open doors until he manages to shake the fear.

The dogs however attracted the attention of something else – they hear swearing and noises coming from another corridor – and prepare an ambush – but once again our dwarf is a bit too loud and the opportunity is ruined.

Biru opens the door only to be charged by a tall human fighter in heavy armor. He stabs our thief only to be promptly embarrassed by the wizard – who with a whispered incantation coats the floor he is standing on with grease – causing the man to fall. He is unable to get back up as the party beats him into submission – and he surrenders.

The party strips him and puts him in the prison they rescued the halfling from – and begins to question him about why he is here. He doesn’t seem to have many answers for them other than his employer – a white haired woman named Nualia. He doesn’t seem to associate with the goblins and apparently doesn’t enjoy the location – keeping much to his room unless needed. He apparently was working just for the money.

And this is where the story ends for today…..

The Kinky Journal

The party finds a journal…

In it are a collection of ramblings describing an attack on Sandpoint – stealing a body – and a demon transformation.

What do our heroes do?
FIND MOSSWOOD! … well among other things anyway!

To recap some of the information the party was able to track down:

[[Ameiko:ameiko-kaijitsu]] met them in the morning and the party learned that for the time being she has closed the Dragon to all but the party – as she is dealing with her grief. It is out of thanks and respect for her rescue that she is allowing the party to stay currently.

Ameiko seemed different now that her father is dead, and her brother betrayed her. She indicated that she heard of her brothers plans to attack the town and refused to be part of them – that’s when he attacked her (and the goblins showed up) – after that she wasn’t able to gather much information.

She did say that her brother alluded to not wanting to be in Sandpoint ‘in the next month’.

She did say that she had always gotten along well with her brother – and frequently visited him after he was sent away from the house due to family conflict. They would go see plays together and got along well. She hadn’t heard from him for about 5 years – after her mother died something between her father and her brother occurred and her brother left – and she hadn’t seen or heard from him until his letter.

She indicated the party would do her a great favor if they could ensure there is no more trouble in her glassworks and they were welcome to whatever they found as she wanted nothing to remind her of this ‘day of death’.

With that – Sandpoint’s newest noble left the party to do their own investigation.

[[Father Zantus:abstalar-zantus]] was able to say he had no knowledge of Malfeshnekor. He did impart a story of Father Tobyn the previous priest. The story of what had happened ‘five or six’ years ago when Sandpoint had a murder spree that claimed 26 lives including the previous sheriff (Avertin).

The killer was tracked down due to a blood stain that lead them to the house of Jervis Stoot. Father Zantus indicated that about a month after the killings were stopped Jervis’s house caught on fire and that started the fire that spread throughout the town – in turn burning down the old church including Father Tobyn and his daughter. He couldn’t remember much of the daughter.

Turandarok Academy was no help and appears to be a school/home for orphans.

The House of Blue Stones potentially has information – they admitted to having a library but it is sealed up for worshipers only.

The tunnel under standpoint:

This was investigated by Janos and Biru – they were able to find the end of the tunnel which was sealed in a secret door – this opened into a cavern along the shore of the bay. There was evidence of a large goblin force being here in the past – but nothing that looked recent.

Two other tunnels were discovered about 1/2 way through:

The first was previously bricked over but that had been removed – this one went about 50’ and turned – after the turn they heard noises as if a creature had a raspy breath – but they couldn’t see anything so they retreated and came back later – this time they heard nothing but didn’t go any further again.

The second went straight on for several hundred more feet that they could determine – the tunnel turned back into well cared for dirt with supports – and became slightly damp – however they also didn’t explore to any ‘end’ of the tunnel.

They secured the secret door at the cave with daggers.

Mosswood was found! This time replicas were being sold and upon investigation the vendor fled. Replica Mosswood pins were handed out to all the party!

Tyrek won the Hagfish drinking game! His name is forever immortalized in the beam at the Hagfish inn. He learned quite a bit about ‘old Murdermaw’. For more details you will need to ask him.


No further information was forthcomming about Malfeshnekor from the local [[Sage:brodert-quink]]. He was however able to identify Lamashtu as the mother of demons. He mentioned that she is worshiped by many monsters and a month is named after her. She is represented by a three eyed jackal and is very evil.

He also confirmed that there is no such thing as a ‘ritual to convert to a demon’ something like that would ‘require a deity to be involved as it would change the very essence of a soul’.

Bethana spoke with the group towards the end of the day – and recanted a slightly different version of the story about “the chopper” – she mentioned that Jervis Stoot was known throughout the town as a master craftsman and people took pride in having his work on their property. It was a shock to the town when it was reveled that he was the Chopper. She mentioned that Sheriff Hemlock was the one who found Jervis – and that his house didn’t cause the fire in Sandpoint – but the fire started about a month after his death.

She remembered Father Tobyn’s daughter – and gave her a name – Nualia. She said that she was rarely seen around town as her silver hair caused people to either mob her with requests for healing or throw stones at her. Everyone knew that she died the the fire with her Father. It was a terrible tragedy.

She also confirmed that Ameiko’s mother died the night of the Sandpoint fire.

She did say that no one knew what started the fire – rumors abound and many think it was a cow that knocked over a lantern.

Which story is correct? Did the sounds in the tunnel indicate a dragon was sleeping? Are there gems in the ruins of the ‘Chopper House?’ Will Mosswood grow sentience and speak to the party?

These questions and more will be answered in our next thrilling episode!

Broken Glass

A summary of recent events:

Janos investigated a local house at the request of a crying mother – and found a goblin stranded from the raid. The goblin had killed the family dog and was eating the father’s face when Janos found and exterminated the pest. The woman and her children are staying at the Temple until her relative from Magnimar can come and help her.

The party made it back to town after having an interesting encounter with something in the woods that was flinging ‘poo’ at them with a catapult.

Back in town the party was recruited by the Sheriff to take a more active role in guarding the town until he could return – he went on to explain that given the goblin activity he was taking a sizable force and heading to Magnimar for reinforcements. The mayor deputized our heroes and they created a plan to patrol the town.

A few days after the sheriff left – Bethana came to the heroes in tears explaining that Ameiko was missing and she found a letter in her room that indicated possible foul play – the letter was written in Mankai but Bethana knew enough (after being tutored by Ameiko) to translate – it indicated that Ameiko was to meet her brother at the glassworks.

The heroes went to the glassworks and found the building locked up tight – all the shades were drawn although the furnace was still in operation – after doing some scouting Janos heard the sounds of goblins through the rear of the building and was able to pick the lock to the rear entrance.

The party crept into the rear of the glassworks and Janos went forward to a grizzly sight – the goblins had slaughtered the workers and were playing games with the bodies. A single body was still intact – in fact it was covered up to it’s neck in a solid block of glass!

Janos drew and fired – a melee ensued which found our Monk almost dragged into the furnace. While this was going on Bjorn was at the front entrance causing a riot trying to break down the door.

After chasing the goblins into the basement – they found a half elf who attacked them without a single word exchanged – he still had one of the goblins from the previous fight that had run away with him and the goblin was obviously obeying his orders.

One after another the heroes were brought down – spells seemed to have no effect on this half elf as he moved with grace and was able to avoid many of the attacks sent at him. After several tense moments the party was able to get him surrounded in a narrow hallway – and that turned the tables as the heroes had the advantage of numbers on their side and finally took him down.

They discovered a journal on him – as well as some magical items. They also found a tunnel under the glassworks that had obvious goblin tracks in it.

After securing the entrance to the tunnel – resolving to rest after such a large battle before continuing on – the heroes retired for the evening. Reflection on the prior weeks events found the heroes increasing in power.

Over the river and through the woods...

The party woke up to find Janos still no where to be found. They did some shopping visiting The Feathered Serpent, The Way North, and Savah’s Armory.

At The Feathered Serpent Kwame purchased a waterproof bag. At Savah’s Armory Tyrek purchased a new set of armor with armor spikes – this wouldn’t be ready for 2 days. At The Way North the party purchased a map of the surrounding area.

Soon after shopping the party went out looking for Janos and goblins – they followed the road up until the Tors hills – at which point they followed a lesser trail along the Tors until they reached the river. It was at this point they were attacked by a swarm of rats!

Soonafter the party encountered a strange set of hoofprints burned into the riverbank – while trying to determine what caused them a scream shattered the air and cause a moment of panic as they had to get the horses and ponies under control. They didn’t find any other traces of whatever made the burned hoofprints.

They continued to the east/southeast until they came to a pond – along the shore was a small shack that was in decent shape – upon entering they found it had nothing but a dirt floor and no furniture. Biru’s hair seemed brighter inside the hut – otherwise the party noticed a smell of ‘grass after a rain’.

It is the 4th of Rova – the party has traveled around 6 miles from the town – and it’s around 2:30 PM – and that is where we ended.

Local Heros
in which the GM reminds himself to never get several sessions behind on a post again....

The party heard screams from the northern section of town – rushing to the scene they see a goblin on a ‘dog’ which just finishes killing a (normal) dog as they come up to the scene – on the ground is a man screaming in fear.

With the dog dead several more goblins join in the fight and a battle starts.

Goblin commando

The party is able to overcome the goblins and save the man from a horrible fate. He introduces himself as Aldern Foxglove. He thanks them for their help and tells them to meet him at the Rusty Dragon for drinks and food later on that evening.

The party collected the spoils of war (as it is with goblins – there as not much) – and as the night was falling and the excitement seemed to be over they retired to the inn for a free meal.

They were greeted with Foxglove’s company and he went on to introduce himself a bit further and thank them again by paying for their stay at the inn for a few nights. He also invited them on a boarhunt in two days time.

The next day the party was greeted by the sherrif who asked them to help him investigate a disturbance at the local church. They were greeted by a very nervous Father Zantus who was highly upset that the crypts had been broken into.

The sherrif seemed to be hanging back letting the party take the lead in the investigation. Janos was quick to spot tracks showing that several goblins and something larger had moved about the courtyard up to the crypt door.

Kwame was the first to pull back the slightly open door to the crypt and came face to face with two skeletons! They took offense to his presence and gave him a nasty wound across his chest. The party made fairly quick work of the skeletons and found that the crypt was empty – when it should have had the bones of the old priest interred within. Kwame also found a discarded robe that after studying determined that it used to be a potent necromatic item called a ‘robe of bones’ – used in conjuring undead creatures.

Janos continued his investigation looking at the tracks and was able to tell that they came up over a wall – but the other side of the wall lead back into the street where the the tracks vanished into the confusing tangle only a town road can provide.

After this investigation the party split up to do various things.

Tyrek went in search of a good drink and wandered into Risa’s Place. Although the mood wasn’t very welcoming for a tavern he certainly did enjoy the spiced potatoes. After the potatoes Tyrek went to the Red Dog Smithy to see if he could strike up a conversation with it’s owner. Unfortunately he was unable to get the blacksmith’s attention from whatever it was he was working on.

Janos and Eurias went outside the city to search for the location of the goblins entrance to the city. Although they were not able to find a location that the goblins entered the city from – Janos was certain that they were being watched while they were out looking.

Kwame went searching for a good book to read. Finding The Curious Goblin to be a fine bookstore he purchased a volume on the nature of boars for the upcoming hunt. While he was there he ran into the local sage – a man named Brodert Quink. They took up a conversation which they shared over a drink at Cracktooth’s Tavern.

Bjorn went looking for a place to sell his goblin ears. He first went to the Sandpoint Meat Market and tried to get his ears pickled – however Chod didn’t want anything to do with goblin ears. Next he went to Gorvi’s shack and met the half-orc Gorvi who offered to buy his ears – not satisfied with the deal presented Bjorn went to the Town hall to speak with the Mayor. After a brief conversation he was assured that he was due more money and that Gorvi would deliver the correct amount and apologize. Satisfied Bjorn went back to the inn.

Rod went searching for alchemical components and started at the Pillbug’s Pantry. He was able to find plenty of components but wasn’t satisfied and proceeded onto Bottled Solutions. He got into an bit of a row with the owner when he tried to point out a potion formula and was rebuffed for his efforts. After this Rod went back to the tavern.

Biru went in search of gems! She tracked down the jewelery store to find out if they had any new gems arrive. After looking through the selection available she found out that there would be another shipment from Magnimar in two weeks time, and she noted that she would be back at that time to see the new selection. After this she went back to the inn.

As the party gathered back at the inn they were able to catch each other up on the days events and had a large meal – they then retired for the evening getting ready for the boar hunt in the morning.

The only interruption to their evening was when Jorvi came into the inn – and offered Bjorn the correct amount of gold for his goblin ears – along with an apology.

Toilday – 3rd of Rova – 4707 A.R.

The party gathered to go on a boar hunt. First they were sent to the Goblin Squash Stables next door where they were given a free mount along with saddle and saddlebags to go on the hunt with courtesy of Aldern.

After doing a head count they found that the ranger Janos was not with them and he seemed to be missing – after a bit of investigation they found he had left a message with the bar at the inn stating that he was going to do a bit of ‘scouting’ looking for the goblins again in the woods – and that they should go on the hunt without him.

Continuing out into the wilderness the party was questioned by Aldern who watched them avidly. After some time they were able to find two boars who were passing through the area. After a viscous battle the boars were put down – after which Kwame was able to field dress them so they could be transported back to the inn for cooking.

After getting back to the inn the party again split up slightly – with people attending to different tasks.

Eurias went looking for Janos and so went back to the north wall and although he was used to spotting trouble – tracking a ranger through a forest proved to be a bit of a stretch.

Biru and Kwame set out to the General Store to sell the junk they had been able to scrounge off the goblins. After doing a bit of haggling with Ven Vinder they were able to come up with a price that seemed more than fair – they are starting to get the feeling that the good will of the town is a good thing!

Rod went to the Curious Goblin and was browsing the alchemical section of the bookstore.

Tyrek went to the Fatman’s Feedbag and got quite a chilly reception there!

Everyone eventually made it back to the Inn for a delicious meal of roast boar. Just when the evening seemed like it was going to wrap itself up – in came a stranger shouting in an even stranger language! This was Lonjiku Kaijitsu father of Ameiko. He started berating the party as soon as he saw them – his opinion of adventurers was rather lacking. He and his daughter got into an argument when she told him to leave he grabbed her by the hair and attempted to drag her out of her own inn! The party got involved at that point and it was just enough of a distraction for Ameiko to brain her father with a soup ladle. This caused her father to lose the last of what dignity he felt he was clinging to and he stormed out shouting “you are as dead to me as your mother!”. After a witty comment by Ameiko the tavern went back to normal – only to find out that for their assistance the party was being given free room and board for an extended period.

Kwame (after dinner) went to seek out his fortune and got a Harrow reading at Madame Mvashti’s house.

Bjorn finished the night with a visit to the Pixie’s Kitten.

Festival and Fire!

The players arrived in the town of Sandpoint to enjoy the Swallowtail festival.

At the start of the festivities a speech was made by Mayor Kendra Deverin:

People have been up for hours, several merchants have set up tents to vend their wares of food, clothes, local crafts, souvenirs, and beverages. Others folk have arrived early to gain positions near the podiums and the tables beyond. Tables loaded with a picnic buffet ready for the congregation after the ceremonies. The Swallowtail Festival begins promptly as scheduled, and the turnout for the opening speeches is quite respectable. A stage has been set up in front of the cathedral and a woman with short auburn hair stands in the center. Behind her sit four wooden chairs, three of them occupied. The square before the church is crowded now, the women loading the tables and the merchants hawking their goods join other locals and travelers as Mayor Deverin walks on the stage. As the crowd notices her, the chatter begins to die down and eyes turn to the stage. She smiles and begins to speak.

“Good morning everyone.” The attractive and personable woman welcomes the crowd with her usual friendly attitude. Her excitement is obvious and proves contagious as she welcomes visitors and locals alike. “I see everyone’s arrived. Even Larz Rovanky has left off tanning hides to be here. I’m sure his workers are glad it’s not their hides getting tanned, at least not today.” When the chuckles died down and Larz stopped glowering past a reluctant smile, Mayor Deverin continued.

”It’s wonderful to see so many of you here to join us on this proud day, and I’d like to extend my welcome to the many new faces I see in the crowd. As Mayor, I’d like to extend welcome to you on behalf of the town. I hope you all are enjoying your stay here in Sandpoint and I sincerely hope that you’re having a wonderful time. Our town has much to offer and I hope we can consider you as new friends. Spend some time in Sandpoint and you’ll grow to love it like we do. And even if you don’t stay long, spend your money while you’re here!”

Several of the merchants give a vigorous applause, and the Mayor lets the crowd settle before continued over the remaining chuckles. “And to all of the old faces I see, thank you for coming and thank you for everything that each of you has done to keep this town strong. Thank you especially for all the time, sweat, and love you’ve put into building this fine cathedral. Sandpoint didn’t seem complete without a church. We’ve always had heart. The true heart of Sandpoint is you, her people. But now we have an expression of that heart, and we built it ourselves!”

“Anyway, I can smell the lunch our tavern keepers are cooking already. A round of applause to Ameiko, Garridan, Cracktooth, and Jargie! I’m sure Father Zantus can spare an extra prayer that they don’t burn anything before we get to eat it.” More cheering erupts: the enticing aromas drifting over the crowd are overwhelming. “Now, since you have three more of us to stand there through, I’m going to sit down. Today as mayor I am declaring a town order to have fun! This is my favorite time of year!”

The crowd responds with a roar, and its a while before the Mayor could continue over the applause. “Without further ado, let me welcome our dutiful Sheriff, Belor Hemlock to the stage!” She indicates a dark-skinned, bulky man, clearly of Shoanti descent, wearing his armor and armed with a prestigous looking sword. Sheriff Hemlock nods and steps forward onto the stage.

“Thank you, Mayor. First off, let us have a moment of silence.”
He bows his head and begins speaking, “Let us remember the memories of those friends and family members who lost their lives in the tragic blaze that made our new cathedral necessary. Cherish those memories and may the blessings of our Gods see them happy and well in the Afterlife.”
He raises his head and stands in silence for a moment scanning the crowd.

“Over the next three days all instances of wrong-doing will be dealt with swiftly and to the fullest extent of the law. No exceptions. As the sheriff of Sandpoint, I, Belor Hemlock, would also like to welcome everyone to enjoy themselves today, and you may or may not be aware of the planned bonfire at the beach tonight… it looks to be a promising festival. Do trust that I will be monitoring the level of safe conduct late into the evening. I am trusting our fun will lean to the side of caution. If you are a militia member, remember where your duties lay, and help Sandpoint keep the peace. Thank you.” With that the sheriff steps back awkwardly and becons with his hand, for the next speaker to approach.

The next speaker is quite a contrast to the Sheriff; he is brightly dressed, sports a well-groomed goatee, and seems to be thoroughly enjoying the day. As he reaches the center stage he loosens his collar a bit, winks into the crowd and starts to talk:

“Well, thank you Sheriff for that uplifting oratory. Don’t worry I doubt there will be any fun for you to stress over today. If things get out of hand you can ask Ameiko take the stage and put as all to sleep with one of her stories.” The crowd responds with a combination of chuckles and offended heckles.

Without a beat Ameiko shouts from her merchant tent “What about the story of your last flop at the theater? I’m almost done with my newest ballad, I call it Cyrdak the Unimpressive! Who wants to hear?”

The crowd responds with laughter and cheers. Amieko can still be heard shouting over the crowd “Your secret boyfriend helped me come up with the name!”

Cyrdak stands awkwardly waiting out the crowds laughter to die down, as it does Amieko seers in one more one liner, “What a sleepy crowd Cyrdak!”

After the noise finally quiets Cyrdak continues with a forced smile as if nothing happened, "We can all agree, this is our time to celebrate! I know this town has been through some hard times, but we don’t lay down easily. Look at what we’ve accomplished! [He motions towards the church.] And I’m telling you, they spared no expense with this place. Father Zantus’ chamber pot? It’s solid gold and comes with a singing choir standing nearby. It’s no doubt our neighbors and nobles put a pretty copper into the construction of this joint. And to think they wanted nothing in return, but to enlighten us and our taxes for many lifetimes to come. But worry not about your coinpurse, I’ve heard from father himself that the gods are getting their gold together to help pay for this place. But don’t take it from me, let me hand the stage off to the man who knows in charge here. But before I let him get things going I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my personal invitation to each and every one of you to the new production of “The Harpy’s Curse” starring the world-famous Magnimarian diva Allishanda as Avisera the harpy queen! It’s all premiering tomorrow evening and continuing throughout the next two weeks at the Theater. Come see it, it will be fabulous! And now join me in a bit of applause for his holiness himself, Father Zantus!"

The crowd cheers as Cyrdak motions Zantus to the center stage. The young priest looks noticeably abashed at the reception set up for him. He wears the traditional ceremonial robes of a priest of Desna and a shiny silver holy symbol about his neck. He smiles and tries to calm the crowd down, eventually speaking when the applause has subsided:
“Ahem, thank you. Thank you Cyrdak. And thank all of you for coming to join us on this most Holy day.

“Today ushers in the new Fall season. A season I have always thought was named appropriately, as today was the day Desna fell from the heavens during battle with Lamashtu.

Though all the world wept for the loss of the goddess, and of dreams, it is said that she survived. She was discovered, on the rocks of a beach, by a blind orphan, forgotten and cast aside by the rest of the world. Though the orphan didn’t know who she was and could do little for the wounded goddess, she still stayed by her side, holding a vigil on the beach, tending to her as best she could and praying to her god, Desna. When other followers had abandoned Desna, the orphan empathized and held hope in her faith. Through the care of this orphan Desna recovered and revealed herself to the blind woman. In return Desna transformed her into an angel and offered the girl ascension to Desna’s palace in the heavens. It is now there and forever that they shall remain.”

Father Zantus motions toward the newly finished cathedral, the sunlight glittering off the stained glass windows. “This story reminds us that tragedy is just a setback, not an end. Though our place of worship was destroyed, and our previous priest, Father Tobyn, perished in the flame, we have preserved as Desna would desire, and built anew.
Today is our day of new beginnings. Our day of ascension.
Friends of Sandpoint, I declare the Swallowtail Festival officially underway!"

An acolyte throws off the canvas of a nearby wagon, revealing thousands of swallowtail butterflies…the Children of Desna. He opens the cages and the crowd begins to applaud as butterflies flutter in every direction through the crowd, and eager children begin chasing them.

The party went on to enjoy the festival – Bjorn impressed the crowd by winning the pie eating contest – winning 5gp and a recipe book with this years pies in it!

Tyrek was able to impress the locals with his feat of strength by ringing the bell at the top of the pole.

The festival was winding down when there was a crack of thunder and Father Zantus called everyone’s attention to the podium – he sanctified the new cathedral at sundown and it seemed that everyone was ready to head down to the beach for the bonfire when suddenly a song was heard:

Goblin song

Goblins! In the street!

The party fought off goblins and began to regroup when a large explosion rocked the area – a cart exploded revealing more goblins advancing with torches!

Goblin with torch

The party was able to overcome these goblins as well – and as they put down the foul warchanter our session ended.

Goblin warchanter

Welcome to Sandpoint!
The adventure begins

As one approaches the town of Sandpoint, the footprint of civilization upon the Lost Coast grows more clear. Farmlands in the outlying moors and river valleys grow more numerous, and the blue-green waters of the Varisian Gulf bear more and more fishing vessels upon its surface. Passage over creeks and rivers is more often accomplished by wooden bridge than ford, and the Lost Coast Road itself grows wider and better-kept. Sight of Sandpoint from either approach (south or east) is kept hidden by the large upthrust limestone pavements known as the Devil’s Platter or the arc of rocky outcroppings known as Whistler’s Tors, but as the final bend in the road is rounded, Sandpoint’s smoking chimneys and bustling streets greet the traveler with open arms and the promise of warm beds, a welcome sight indeed for those who have spent the last few days alone on the Lost Coast Road.

From the south, entrance to Sandpoint is governed by a wooden bridge, while from the north a low stone wall gives the town a bit of protection. Here, the Lost Coast Road passes through a stone gatehouse that is generally watched by one or two guards—the southern bridge is typically unattended. Aside from the occasional goblin, the citizens of Sandpoint have traditionally had little worries about invasion or banditry—the region simply isn’t populated enough to make theft a lucrative business.

Hanging from a bent nail at both the gatehouse and the southern bridge is a sign and a mirror—painted on each sign is the message: “Welcome to Sandpoint! Please stop to see yourself as we see you!”


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