Rise of the Runelords

loot from last session

shillelagh staff, sling, 20 bullets, masterwork, hide armor, scroll of 3 cure light wounds, scroll of summon nature’s ally II

masterwork club, masterwork. hide, heavy wooden shield, wand of cure light wounds (3rd level), 2 scrolls of cure moderate wounds

Shillelagh Staff
Aura faint transmutation; CL 3rd
Slot weapon; Price 8,300 gp; Weight X lb.
This simple-looking 1 quarterstaff is a weapon favored
by elven druids, rangers, and monks everywhere. This
masterwork oaken quarterstaff can be activated three times
per day by speaking the command phrase “death to the
enemies of nature!” which causes the staff to glow with
green light and grow leaves. While so enchanted it inflicts
1 points of damage and counts as magic weapon for
causes of overcoming damage reduction for three minutes.
Requirements Craft Arms and armor, shillelagh; Cost
4,300 gp

bracers of armor +4, cloak of resistance +2, golden necklace with rubies and emeralds (worth 2,200 gp)

• Helm of comprehend languages and read magic
• Fire elemental gem
• +1 dragon bane greatsword
• 3 potions of cure moderate wounds
• 9 rubies worth 500 gp each
• Emerald statue of a tiger with golden pearls worth 1,200 gp
• 5 crimson garnets worth 300 gp each
• 13,786 gp and 19,461 sp

+1 Large keen scythe, bracers of armor +1; Other Gear masterwork gardening tools


Ckorik Ckorik

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