Rise of the Runelords

Loot - final

Combat Gear +1 turtle shell of light fortification*, +1 huge unholy heavy flail, 2 potions of cure serious wounds; Other Gear wooden holy symbol *The runes of the magic are inscribed on the prophet’s natural turtle shell and keep their power even if the shell is removed from his body

The treasure consists of 3,306 sp, a carved mammoth bone statuette of a much smaller mammoth worth 700 gp, an eye patch with a mock eye of black star sapphire and moonstone worth 900 gp, a mithral anklet worth 1,000 gp, a jeweled gold crown worth 4,000 gp, a +2 deftnding bladed scarf, a leather pouch containing seven potions of cure moderate wounds and a potion of remove disease, and an efficient quiver containing 16 + 1 undead bane arrows and one ,greater monstrous humanoid slaying arrow.

A DC 25 Knowledge (nobility) check reveals that the crown is in fact the Lost Crown of the Pallgreves clan, one of the oldest noble families of Janderhoff The dwarves would gladly pay 10,000 gp for its return.

Huge spear
Hide-scraping and leather-working tools
Huge Hide armor

2x Large hide armor, greatclub

Although a carpet of coins covers the innermost section of Longtooth’s cave, most of these coins are copper pieces. In all, the coins consist of 360,055 cp, 23,145 sp, 3.403 gp, and 23 pp. In addition, the collection of treasure includes several gemstones: a water opal worth 1,ooo gp, a rich blue diamond worth 1,6oo gp, and a black opal worth 8,ooo gp are Longtooth’s favorites , though there are 53 additional gems worth a total of 3,500 gp. A fine linen tapestry depicting monks sparring in a courtyard is rolled up and leans against the wall-this tapestry weighs 50 pounds but is worth 6oo gp. Finally, a set of solid silver idols sits on a ledge on the innermost wall. These idols are each worth 6oogp-they depict a wyvern with a human rider, a human warrior trampling a demon underfoot, a centaur dressed

in plate mail armor, and a leaping fish with a wide mouth filled with teeth. A sixth idol is in fact made of platinum. It depicts a robed figure coverd in thassalonian runes, and is worth 5,000 gp.
Gear amulet of mighty fists + 1 , gold-and-amber ring (worth 500 gp), silver armband (worth 2,500 gp)

3 – Ring of Protection +2
Gear belt of giant strength +4, ring of the ram (45 charges)

huge greatclub

4 mammoth tack and harness – 300gp per set

The scroll tube is made of adamantine and is cleverly locked by a series of interconnected spinning discs that function almost like a combination lock.
The Runes are Thassilonian

Galenmir’s wealth is mostly invested in his gear, but he also has an impressive collection of scalps and war trophies, including the preserved head of a frost giant jarl, the beards of 100 dwarves (each neatly bundled and secured with a silver ring worth 10 gp), part of a marsh giant’s grossly elastic but impressively tattooed hide, and bits ofbroken and dented breastplates from the plate armor of a dozen different warriors (worth 20 gp each). Galenmir’s favorite collection is a neatly sorted grouping of 33 shields, each marked with the name of a human, elf, or dwarf hero Galenmir defeated in combat.

one of the shields belonged to Anstan Jeggare, an exiled bastard from the affluent Jeggare family of Korvosa. This shield alone is magical +1 arrow catching heavy steel shield.

Combat Gear necklace of fireballs (type IV); Other Gear +1 breastplate, +1 buckler, +3 shortspear, 11gp, 12sp, 12cp

3 x+1 hide armor, +1 ogre hook, 2 javelins

2 x huge greatclubs

2 x large +2 breastplate, +2 ranseur

Each disgusting guard carries a bag of filthy, troll-groped treasure at his belt-payment from Mokmurian for his work here. Hurek’s bag contains a large collection of colorful, striped, shiny, but ultimately worthless stones weighing 100 pounds in all. Without a DC 15 Appraise check to note the differences, the stones could easily be mistaken for valuable agate, onyx, and mithral ore of various kinds. Durek carries the real treasure-assorted bits of armor and helmets and a dire bear skull. The armor includes a suit of Small half ­plate, a masterwork breastplate, six chain shirts, and a +1 ghost touch gauntlet. Unknown to either troll, one ofthe chain shirts has a hidden pouch in its lining that can be found with a DC 30 Perception check-it contains an air elemental gem. +1 large full plate, runechill hatchets (2)

Slot none; Price 5,312 gp; Aura moderate necromancy; CL 5th; Weight 6 lbs.


Runefrost hatchets are sized for Large creatures, but resizes so it can be wielded by Medium creatures as battleaxes or Small creatures as greataxes. Their blades are jagged and carved with ancient runes, and the weapons always feel cold to the touch. A runefrost hatchet otherwise functions as a 1 battleaxe, but once per day as a free action, its wielder can cause the runes on the blade to flare up with flickering cold blue light. For the next 5 rounds, the axe deals an additional +1d6 points of negative energy damage on a hit. Any creature that takes any amount of this additional negative energy damage must also succeed at a DC 12 Fortitude save or take 1 point of Strength damage. An undead creature struck by a runefrost hatchet does not gain this negative energy as healing, but instead must make a DC 12 Will saving throw or flee as if panicked for 1d45 rounds.


Craft Magic Arms and Armor, chill touch; Cost 2,812 gp

Apart from his impressive collection of books on spellcraft and all of the spell components and laboratory equipment scattered throughout the room (which is worth a collected total of 1,500 gp, but weighs several hundred pounds), the chest under his desk contains the bulk of his remaining wealth, including 12,000 gp, 1,100 pp, an amber and sapphire necklace worth 4,000 gp, a set of ivory runestones worth 1,400 gp, and a scroll of contact other plane.

scroll of limited wish, wand of bear’s endurance (13 charges); Other Gear +1 defending spell-storing (vampiric touch) club, bag of holding (type II), fog-cutting lenses, robe of runes, key to area C7, 500 gp in diamond dust, spellbooks

Our last session was on 10-4-16. Our first new session will be 2-21-17.

We finished Book 4 of Wrath in 4 and 1/2 months… a record!


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