Rise of the Runelords

Loot 3-28-17

Answer to divination:

Greed’s opposition lies upon mirrored paths,
One a reflection, the other a glittering symbol of man’s pride.


6 each:
Masterwork dagger
ring of protection +1
cloak of resistance +2
headband of vast intelligence +2
noble’s outfit worth 200gp

Each spellbook is identical and has the following stats:

Vraxeris’s Simulacrum’s Spellbook 4824 gp
5th: Feeblemind, Shadow Evocation
4th: Confusion, Phantasmal Killer, Shadow Conjuration, Greater Invisibility
3rd: Dispel Magic, Fireball, Major Image, Displacement
2nd: Invisibility, Resist Energy, Scorching Ray, Minor Image, Mirror Image
1st: Charm Person, Magic Missile, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield, Silent Image, Vanish


Ckorik Ckorik

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