Spellbook - Caizarlu Zerren

The spellbook of the necromancer Caizarlu Zerren


The Caizarlu Zerren Spellbook{SM-A16}
Discovered in Habe’s Sanatorium
Trap: None
Price: 1780g

0: Prestidigitation, mage hand, light, detect magic, bleed

1st: Ray of enfeeblement, Obscuring mist, Magic missile, Mage armor, Chill touch,Cause fear, Identify,

2nd: Mirror image, Command Undead, Blindness/Deafness, Acid arrow, Ghoul touch, False life

3rd: Vampiric touch, Stinking cloud, Displacement, Halt Undead, Gentle repose

Notes concerning ancient Thassilonian traditions of magic – drawings of the Sihedron rune.


Spellbook - Caizarlu Zerren

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