Seven Pointed Star Medalion

A medalion of a seven pointed star


Seven Pointed Star Medallion{BO-E4}
Found on Nualia under Thistletop.
This medallion hangs on a leather cord, a silver disc inscribed with a seven-pointed star. While worn, the medallion grants its wearer a +1 resistance bonus on all saving throws. Once per day, it may be commanded to bestow the effects of false life on the wearer – activating this function is a free action. Placed on the neck of a dead body, the medallion preserves the body indefinitely via a gentle repose effect.

Price: 3,500gp
Body Slot: Neck
Caster Level: 5th
Aura: Faint; (DC20) Necromancy
Activation: Free Action(Mental)
Weight: —


Seven Pointed Star Medalion

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