Nualia's Journal

A journal kept by Nualia


Journal {BO-Nualia}
Found on the aasimar cleric Nualia
A Journal – you also find a pile of papers/plans and scraps of information that will take some time to sort through

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Having had a day or so to spend going through Nualia’s journals and papers, you’re able to reconstruct the following story:

Nualia, as mentioned previously, had a pretty hard upbringing. Between being raised by a priest and her unearthly beauty, she was unable to make any real friends, and was tormented pretty constantly. As such, she fell madly in love with the first boy to show her any real attention, a young man named Delek Viskanta. She kept her romance a secret, as Father Tobyn wanted her to remain chaste and take holy orders at the Windsong Abbey when she came of age.

The two took to trysting in the abandoned smuggler’s tunnel that Delek had found as a child, and unsurprisingly, she soon found herself pregant. Delek, showing his true colors, called her a slut and a harlot, fleeing town to avoid her father’s anger. Having nowhere to vent her anger, she simply bottled it up and seethed. When she was finally unable to hide her condition from her father, she was forbidden to leave the temple, he lectured her nightly and commanded her to beg for Desna’s forgiveness.

Months passed, and her rage grew.

5 years ago, 7 months pregnant, she awakened in the middle of the night consumed by a rage beyond anything she had felt before, and wracked with pain. A midwife was called, and she gave birth or miscarried that night. The midwife took the child away immediately, and Nualia only caught a glimpse of its twisted and deformed shape before falling into a deep and vivid sleep.

She slept for days or weeks, dreaming unhealthy dreams of rage and hatred and of the demon-goddess Lamashtu. She came to see her celestial heritage as a taint, and believed that her father and the midwife took from her a “perfect” child and killed it. When she finally awoke, she was a remade woman…wholely consumed by her “righteous fury” and unafraid to serve at the whims of her new mother. She blocked shut Father Tobyn’s door, set the church ablaze, and fled to Magnimar.

In time she met up with Tsuto, who had also fled town after fighting with his half-sister Ameiko at their mother’s funeral. Tsuto was convinced that Lonjiku had murdered their mother, yet not even his sister would believe him. Nualia and Tsuto became lovers, based largely on a mutual hatred of the folk of Sand Point who had so mistreated them in childhood. Together they fell in with a group of killers-for-hire called the Skinsaw Men, and tracked down and murdered Delek, followed by the midwife. Her brutality drew the attention of the Skinsaw Men’s leader, an unnamed figure that Nualia refers to only as “Mistress.”

“Mistress” gave Nualia the 7-pointed-star necklace, which she called a “Sihedron medallion,” and directed her to follow the dreams which are a “map to her destiny.” Nualia returned to Sand Point where she was drawn to the smuggler’s tunnel where her child was conceived. Bashing down the wall, she discovered the Catacombs of Wrath, where she studied for months under the mad Quasit Erylium. Erylium showed her the Runewell, and taught that it was fueled by the deaths of “wrathful souls” in close proximity. She learned to summon Sinspawn through the well, but Erylium cautioned that the pool must not be used until a good source of power for the Runewell is found. Overextending the power of the pool will cause it to go dormant, and Erylium believes that it is only through her millinia of dedication to Lamashtu that it has been brought back to life from its last ages-long dormancy.

Further dreams of a massive wolf-goblin lead Nualia to take over the Thistletop goblin tribe and to become obsessed with the catacombs beneath the surface. Each night, as she leads the goblins in service, she finds herself able to communicate with a being called Malfeshnekor, another of Lamashtu’s chosen, which is imprisoned somewhere within Thistletop. She continues to search in vain for his prison, but other than an assumption that the column of coins must be involved, she has found herself stumped at every turn.

The papers also contain her plans for assault upon Sand Point. Burning what remained of Father Tobyn began her transformation from angel to demon, and she believes that destroying the rest of the town will bring her twofold glory. Firstly, she shall be remade in Lamashtu’s image and secondly, the deaths of hundreds of goblins and thousands of the “hateful people” of Sand Point will fill the Runewell with enough power to summon an army of Sinspawn to serve at Lamashtu’s bidding.

Nualia's Journal

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