Squealing Cythnigot

This six-legged horror has a spider’s face and a fibrous stalk growing out of its back—a stalk ending in a snapping mouth.


The cythnigot is a foul fungal parasite that grows and thrives within the corpses of small animals. The fungus transforms the host corpse in hideous ways, adding legs or rearranging features—a rat might gain an extra pair of legs and an insectoid visage, while a cat could lose all its legs and fur and gain a snake-like body. The only thing that all cythnigots have in common is a long stalk of fungal material that extends up from the creature’s body, ending in a surprisingly strong set of fanged jaws. A cythnigot without a host body appears as little more than a foul-smelling puff ball the size of a human’s fist.

Chaotic Evil spellcasters of caster level 7th who have the Improved Familiar feat can gain a cythnigot as a familiar—to do so, the spellcaster must already have a Tiny animal as a familiar. Infusing this familiar with the spores results in a cythnigot that is a loyal, if rather disgusting, minion of the spellcaster.

A cythnigot is about 20 inches long and weighs 10 pounds.


Squealing Cythnigot

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