Rodmin Quicksilver

Half-elf alchemist, from Ustalav


Half-elf of medium height and slight build, somewhat shabby clothing, with many pockets stuffed with scrolls and vials. Has a few random scars and burn marks, and is missing the tip of one ear; when asked how he lost it, Rod mumbles something about “learned many valuable lessons that day, the most important of which was, if a volatile mixture exhibits a sudden, unexpected and energetic reaction, duck first, take notes later.” Often forgets to eat or sleep when he’s preoccupied with a thorny alchemical problem, which is often. Tends to speak in sentence fragments.


Rod is an alchemist, lately of the University of Lepidstadt, where his parents are both academics with tenure. Rod was initially set to follow in his parents’ footsteps, but an early exposure to some visiting scholars who told of the wonders of the world and the discoveries to be made there gave young Rod the notion to concentrate on field work, the more remote the land and more exotic the setting, the better. Rod is a worshipper of Desna, although his thinking has been influenced by adherents of a splinter sect of Irori that believes in achieving perfection not only through meditation and physical discipline but also through scientific experimentation, particularly the use of alchemy to increase intelligence.

Rodmin Quicksilver

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