Kwame the Conjure-Man

Mwangi wizard, dresses in outlandish clothes, and speaks Common with a noticeable Chelish accent


A member of the Kalabuta tribe, made up of ethnic Zenj, Kwame was raised in the crumbling city of Kalabuto itself, ruled over by the Sargavan colonists, descendants of the Chelaxians who came to conquer the region. He speaks Common with a Chelish accent, but is also fluent in his native tongue and that of several other languages native to the Garund continent. He is of average height and weight, with black skin, black hair cropped short, and dark eyes. His garb is viewed as outlandish by most people of the Avistan continent, but it is the tradition of the magic school Magaambya and he prefers to keep some connection to his homeland. If he is going into battle or on some dangerous mission, Kwame will paint a mystic symbol over part of his face in order to ward off any harmful spirits that would disrupt his magic. The long years of study have left him physically weak, but he has a keen intellect and is quite dexterous.

He has gained a new appreciation for life and the dangers it can contain, especially after the successful raid against Thistletop. However, he has also experienced loss and still mourns for Biru. He carries a finely crafted staff with a yellow crystal at the top and, having recently mastered the arts of enchanting items, his conjurer’s amulet is no longer just a focus for his power, but is also enchanted to help defend and protect him.


Born during a terrible thunderstorm, his mother, a half Kalabuta Zenj and Ijo Bonuwat, proclaimed to the midwife and shaman present that he was a chosen of Shimye-Magalla and would be a great magician one day. Kwame was always physically weaker than other boys his age, but he made up for this flaw with his intelligence and problem-solving skills. When he was thirteen his father, Unoka, realized that it was time for the boy to leave, so he contacted Okonkwo, a magician of great renown who was originally from Kalabuto. Recognizing the potential of the boy, Okonkwo spirited him away right to the city of Nantambu where the arcane academy of Magaambya is located. Founded by Old-Mage Jatembe and his Ten Magic Warriors, the school is the oldest arcane university on all of Golarion. There, Kwame matured and grew in power. He even earned the nickname “Conjure-Man” because of his interest in conjuration magic, but also because among the Zenj people the term also refers to a person who traffics with spirits and creatures from beyond this world.

However, after spending a decade at Magaambya, Kwame knew that to progress further in his chosen form of magic, he would have to leave and go somewhere else. After talking with his teachers and Okonkwo, who had eventually taken a teaching position at the academy, he was told of the wizard’s college in Korvosa known as Acadamae. Amazingly enough, Okonkwo even knew one of the resident teachers there and arranged for Kwame to be taken on as a student. Leaving Magaambya was hard, but Kwame was determined to advance in the arcane arts, so he traveled a major portion of the Garundi continent, often by caravan, and then crossed the Inner Sea by boat. Once he arrived at Acadamae, he proceeded to throw himself into his studies and after nearly 4 years there, he passed the final grueling test and graduated.

During his studies at Acadamae, he began to view magic as neither good nor evil, but a tool to be used and mastered. This belief was aided in part by his faith in Nethys, the god of magic. Realizing that magic could never truly be mastered under such restricted and closed-off locations such as Acadamae or even Magaambya, Kwame decided that rather than apprentice himself to one of the many resident wizards as most of the other students did, he needed to travel. To see and explore the world (he had always had a fascination for traveling ever since he was a kid). He therefore decided to travel throughout Varisia, figuring it was a good of a place as any and his first stop was the town of Sandpoint. He arrived a day before the Swallowtail Festival . . .

Kwame the Conjure-Man

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