A nasty looking pig


Boar – Knowledge(Nature) DC12
Much more ill-tempered and dangerous than their domesticated kin, boars are omnivorous creatures common to temperate forests, although they are not unknown in tropical climes. Other variants exist as well, such as the particularly ugly warthogs that dwell in tropical plains and savannahs. Boars are often hunted for their flesh, which is considered delicious by most humanoids. Those who hunt boars often do so with a special spear fitted with a cross beam to prevent an impaled boar from pushing forward along the spear shaft to gore its tormentor.
Type: Medium animal
Attacks: boars will use their tusks to gore for vicious effect.
Special Qualities: Low-light vision, scent
Boars are very fast and move quicker than most average humans.
Boars are known to keep fighting even when they should have fallen down



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