Rise of the Runelords

Over the river and through the woods...

The party woke up to find Janos still no where to be found. They did some shopping visiting The Feathered Serpent, The Way North, and Savah’s Armory.

At The Feathered Serpent Kwame purchased a waterproof bag. At Savah’s Armory Tyrek purchased a new set of armor with armor spikes – this wouldn’t be ready for 2 days. At The Way North the party purchased a map of the surrounding area.

Soon after shopping the party went out looking for Janos and goblins – they followed the road up until the Tors hills – at which point they followed a lesser trail along the Tors until they reached the river. It was at this point they were attacked by a swarm of rats!

Soonafter the party encountered a strange set of hoofprints burned into the riverbank – while trying to determine what caused them a scream shattered the air and cause a moment of panic as they had to get the horses and ponies under control. They didn’t find any other traces of whatever made the burned hoofprints.

They continued to the east/southeast until they came to a pond – along the shore was a small shack that was in decent shape – upon entering they found it had nothing but a dirt floor and no furniture. Biru’s hair seemed brighter inside the hut – otherwise the party noticed a smell of ‘grass after a rain’.

It is the 4th of Rova – the party has traveled around 6 miles from the town – and it’s around 2:30 PM – and that is where we ended.


Ckorik Ckorik

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