Rise of the Runelords

On the trail of a killer....

The party continued the search for the murderer.

After examining the barn where the first murders occurred – they returned to the jail to interview the people in lockup.

First they grilled Ven Vinder – who’s temper regarding the love lives of his daughters is a local legend. They asked him many questions – learning that he didn’t know about his daughters affair and was home during the murders. They also learned that Ven thinks the only people capable of this kind of violence locally are the Scarnetti’s.

ibor-thorn.jpgThey then talked to Ibor Thorn. Ibor was highly upset about finding the bodies at the lumber mill. From Ibor they learned that Harker had been scimming money from the mill and cooking the books. A mill owned by the Scarnetti family. They also were able to recall the local rumors about competing mills from around the area burning down mysteriously – none of them Scarnetti owned. Ibor was taking a walk when the murders happened – he recalled seeing Jesk “Cracktooth” Berinni on his walk.

The party is informed by Belor Hemlock that Ven’s alibi was confirmed by his wife and he was to be released. They then went around to different places in Sandpoint.

Cyrdrak Drokkus was happy to entertain Tyrek Ironhelm although he could not recall hearing of any recent exploits. He did invite Tyrek to the play that evening.

Jesk-cracktooth-berinni.JPGJesk “Cracktooth” Berinni did recall seeing Ibor that evening – he didn’t recall seeing anything out of the ordinary.

Rynshynn Povalli agreed to a deal with Kensington and Balthazar to create a war banner – the price was quadrupled to get a rush job completed in time for the morning.


Brodert Quink was able to provide much information about the rune carved onto the chests of the victims. The “Sihedron Rune” was most likely the most important rune in Thassilon. the star itself signifies not only the seven virtues of rule (generally agreed among scholars to have been wealth, fertility, honest pride, abundance, eger striving, righteous anger, and rest) but also the seven schools of magic recognized by Thassilon (divination magic, was not held in high regard). Much of what is understood about Thassilon indicates it’s leaders were far from virtuous, and he believes the classic mortal sins (greed, lust, pride, gluttony, evny, wrath, and sloth) rose from corruptions of the Thassilonian virtues of rule. The rune was certainly a symbol of power, one that may well have stood for and symbolized the empire itself. The fact that the killer carved it into the flesh of his victims might point to the fact that the murderer is some sort of scholar – although Brodert was quick to proclaim his own innocence.

Early the next morning Tyrek mentioned that it looked like his jug was missing and he suspected Bethana Corwin of having taken it. Without proof he didn’t want to make a public accusation. Rodmin Quicksilver completed some alchemical experiments on samples he took from the victims and found no traces of poison in their systems – he also confirmed the gore on the axe was once human.

Traveling on horse (and dog) back the party then made their way to Habe’s Sanitorium. There they met Erin Habe who agreed to let them interview Grayst Sevilla.

Grayst was at first almost non-commital when asked questions however once he heard Tyrek speak up his eyes bulged and he started to babble…

“He said. He said you would visit me. His Lordship.
The one that unmade me said so. He has a place
for you. A precious place. I’m so jealous. He has
a message for you. He made me remember it. I
hope I haven’t forgotten. The master wouldn’t
approve if I forgot. Let me see … let … me … see … "

And the session ended – we will resume next week.


I think the only other piece of information was that Grayst was dying from Ghoul Fever, which Rod was able to deduce. Similarly, it was mentioned that a ghoul (an undead creature) could not have been the source of the stench and flesh left on the axe we found.

On the trail of a killer....
Ckorik Ckorik

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