Rise of the Runelords

Local Heros

in which the GM reminds himself to never get several sessions behind on a post again....

The party heard screams from the northern section of town – rushing to the scene they see a goblin on a ‘dog’ which just finishes killing a (normal) dog as they come up to the scene – on the ground is a man screaming in fear.

With the dog dead several more goblins join in the fight and a battle starts.

Goblin commando

The party is able to overcome the goblins and save the man from a horrible fate. He introduces himself as Aldern Foxglove. He thanks them for their help and tells them to meet him at the Rusty Dragon for drinks and food later on that evening.

The party collected the spoils of war (as it is with goblins – there as not much) – and as the night was falling and the excitement seemed to be over they retired to the inn for a free meal.

They were greeted with Foxglove’s company and he went on to introduce himself a bit further and thank them again by paying for their stay at the inn for a few nights. He also invited them on a boarhunt in two days time.

The next day the party was greeted by the sherrif who asked them to help him investigate a disturbance at the local church. They were greeted by a very nervous Father Zantus who was highly upset that the crypts had been broken into.

The sherrif seemed to be hanging back letting the party take the lead in the investigation. Janos was quick to spot tracks showing that several goblins and something larger had moved about the courtyard up to the crypt door.

Kwame was the first to pull back the slightly open door to the crypt and came face to face with two skeletons! They took offense to his presence and gave him a nasty wound across his chest. The party made fairly quick work of the skeletons and found that the crypt was empty – when it should have had the bones of the old priest interred within. Kwame also found a discarded robe that after studying determined that it used to be a potent necromatic item called a ‘robe of bones’ – used in conjuring undead creatures.

Janos continued his investigation looking at the tracks and was able to tell that they came up over a wall – but the other side of the wall lead back into the street where the the tracks vanished into the confusing tangle only a town road can provide.

After this investigation the party split up to do various things.

Tyrek went in search of a good drink and wandered into Risa’s Place. Although the mood wasn’t very welcoming for a tavern he certainly did enjoy the spiced potatoes. After the potatoes Tyrek went to the Red Dog Smithy to see if he could strike up a conversation with it’s owner. Unfortunately he was unable to get the blacksmith’s attention from whatever it was he was working on.

Janos and Eurias went outside the city to search for the location of the goblins entrance to the city. Although they were not able to find a location that the goblins entered the city from – Janos was certain that they were being watched while they were out looking.

Kwame went searching for a good book to read. Finding The Curious Goblin to be a fine bookstore he purchased a volume on the nature of boars for the upcoming hunt. While he was there he ran into the local sage – a man named Brodert Quink. They took up a conversation which they shared over a drink at Cracktooth’s Tavern.

Bjorn went looking for a place to sell his goblin ears. He first went to the Sandpoint Meat Market and tried to get his ears pickled – however Chod didn’t want anything to do with goblin ears. Next he went to Gorvi’s shack and met the half-orc Gorvi who offered to buy his ears – not satisfied with the deal presented Bjorn went to the Town hall to speak with the Mayor. After a brief conversation he was assured that he was due more money and that Gorvi would deliver the correct amount and apologize. Satisfied Bjorn went back to the inn.

Rod went searching for alchemical components and started at the Pillbug’s Pantry. He was able to find plenty of components but wasn’t satisfied and proceeded onto Bottled Solutions. He got into an bit of a row with the owner when he tried to point out a potion formula and was rebuffed for his efforts. After this Rod went back to the tavern.

Biru went in search of gems! She tracked down the jewelery store to find out if they had any new gems arrive. After looking through the selection available she found out that there would be another shipment from Magnimar in two weeks time, and she noted that she would be back at that time to see the new selection. After this she went back to the inn.

As the party gathered back at the inn they were able to catch each other up on the days events and had a large meal – they then retired for the evening getting ready for the boar hunt in the morning.

The only interruption to their evening was when Jorvi came into the inn – and offered Bjorn the correct amount of gold for his goblin ears – along with an apology.

Toilday – 3rd of Rova – 4707 A.R.

The party gathered to go on a boar hunt. First they were sent to the Goblin Squash Stables next door where they were given a free mount along with saddle and saddlebags to go on the hunt with courtesy of Aldern.

After doing a head count they found that the ranger Janos was not with them and he seemed to be missing – after a bit of investigation they found he had left a message with the bar at the inn stating that he was going to do a bit of ‘scouting’ looking for the goblins again in the woods – and that they should go on the hunt without him.

Continuing out into the wilderness the party was questioned by Aldern who watched them avidly. After some time they were able to find two boars who were passing through the area. After a viscous battle the boars were put down – after which Kwame was able to field dress them so they could be transported back to the inn for cooking.

After getting back to the inn the party again split up slightly – with people attending to different tasks.

Eurias went looking for Janos and so went back to the north wall and although he was used to spotting trouble – tracking a ranger through a forest proved to be a bit of a stretch.

Biru and Kwame set out to the General Store to sell the junk they had been able to scrounge off the goblins. After doing a bit of haggling with Ven Vinder they were able to come up with a price that seemed more than fair – they are starting to get the feeling that the good will of the town is a good thing!

Rod went to the Curious Goblin and was browsing the alchemical section of the bookstore.

Tyrek went to the Fatman’s Feedbag and got quite a chilly reception there!

Everyone eventually made it back to the Inn for a delicious meal of roast boar. Just when the evening seemed like it was going to wrap itself up – in came a stranger shouting in an even stranger language! This was Lonjiku Kaijitsu father of Ameiko. He started berating the party as soon as he saw them – his opinion of adventurers was rather lacking. He and his daughter got into an argument when she told him to leave he grabbed her by the hair and attempted to drag her out of her own inn! The party got involved at that point and it was just enough of a distraction for Ameiko to brain her father with a soup ladle. This caused her father to lose the last of what dignity he felt he was clinging to and he stormed out shouting “you are as dead to me as your mother!”. After a witty comment by Ameiko the tavern went back to normal – only to find out that for their assistance the party was being given free room and board for an extended period.

Kwame (after dinner) went to seek out his fortune and got a Harrow reading at Madame Mvashti’s house.

Bjorn finished the night with a visit to the Pixie’s Kitten.


Ckorik Ckorik

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