Rise of the Runelords

Into Thistletop

Our heroes have taken the fight to Thistletop itself. After an initial scouting of the fortress the ranger Janos disappears mysteriously – leaving behind only a single glove as evidence. Upon trying to find a safe way through the hedge maze that is the entrance to the goblin fort – our nimble rogue is sighted by a group of miserable looking goblins that proceeded to chase her out of the thistlepatch.

After a brief fight where the heroes seemed to get the better of the (unarmed?) goblins (the remainder who still lived fled) the heroes decide to retreat to Sandpoint to restock and try again with a better strategy.

On the way back they are ambushed by Grogmurt and his animal companion – taking heavy losses and barely keeping upright the cat (with amazing ability to crit I might add) is engaged by the Elven ranger as she stepped in to help.

During the fight it appeared that Bjorn wandered off to commune with Mosswood, he has not been found.

Back in the city the party manages to sell some loot and purchase much needed healing potions to assist another attempt on the goblin fortress.

Making their way back into the Thistle maze they find no reinforcements – oddly the maze is very quiet – other than some scroungy goblin dogs that were tied up, no other activity seems to be happening.

They find a rope bridge and manage to notice it’s rigged to drop them into the sea below – and so avoid one potential hazard.

They finally make it to the island fort of the goblins – and hear what sounds like goblins on the far side of the island – however in front of them are doors which are not fully closed and curiosity gets the better of them. Entering the fort they find a room filled with ‘hunting trophies’ and do a check of the area – hearing activity behind several doors and wishing to avoid a fight they open the doors that seem silent.

Finding stairs they work their way down – and hear what sounds like giggles and grunts from a room to the south – making too much noise (dwarves tend to be not silent apparently) – the sounds stop – several moments later as the party waits to see what will happen they are attacked by a Bugbear.

After a fight with the Bugbear and some naked goblin females – they explore some more of the basement complex. They enter a chamber of torture with prison cells and find a Halfling who seems to have been taken captive. They rescue the halfling and after a bit more brashness from the dwarf open a temple complex only to see 2 floating dogs – quickly closing the door they retreat a short distance to be assaulted by an unearthly keening howl – two of the party start to flee in fear for their lives.

Amazingly the wizard manages to tackle Biru and keep her from running off – the halfling keeps going out open doors until he manages to shake the fear.

The dogs however attracted the attention of something else – they hear swearing and noises coming from another corridor – and prepare an ambush – but once again our dwarf is a bit too loud and the opportunity is ruined.

Biru opens the door only to be charged by a tall human fighter in heavy armor. He stabs our thief only to be promptly embarrassed by the wizard – who with a whispered incantation coats the floor he is standing on with grease – causing the man to fall. He is unable to get back up as the party beats him into submission – and he surrenders.

The party strips him and puts him in the prison they rescued the halfling from – and begins to question him about why he is here. He doesn’t seem to have many answers for them other than his employer – a white haired woman named Nualia. He doesn’t seem to associate with the goblins and apparently doesn’t enjoy the location – keeping much to his room unless needed. He apparently was working just for the money.

And this is where the story ends for today…..


Ckorik Ckorik

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