Rise of the Runelords

Broken Glass

A summary of recent events:

Janos investigated a local house at the request of a crying mother – and found a goblin stranded from the raid. The goblin had killed the family dog and was eating the father’s face when Janos found and exterminated the pest. The woman and her children are staying at the Temple until her relative from Magnimar can come and help her.

The party made it back to town after having an interesting encounter with something in the woods that was flinging ‘poo’ at them with a catapult.

Back in town the party was recruited by the Sheriff to take a more active role in guarding the town until he could return – he went on to explain that given the goblin activity he was taking a sizable force and heading to Magnimar for reinforcements. The mayor deputized our heroes and they created a plan to patrol the town.

A few days after the sheriff left – Bethana came to the heroes in tears explaining that Ameiko was missing and she found a letter in her room that indicated possible foul play – the letter was written in Mankai but Bethana knew enough (after being tutored by Ameiko) to translate – it indicated that Ameiko was to meet her brother at the glassworks.

The heroes went to the glassworks and found the building locked up tight – all the shades were drawn although the furnace was still in operation – after doing some scouting Janos heard the sounds of goblins through the rear of the building and was able to pick the lock to the rear entrance.

The party crept into the rear of the glassworks and Janos went forward to a grizzly sight – the goblins had slaughtered the workers and were playing games with the bodies. A single body was still intact – in fact it was covered up to it’s neck in a solid block of glass!

Janos drew and fired – a melee ensued which found our Monk almost dragged into the furnace. While this was going on Bjorn was at the front entrance causing a riot trying to break down the door.

After chasing the goblins into the basement – they found a half elf who attacked them without a single word exchanged – he still had one of the goblins from the previous fight that had run away with him and the goblin was obviously obeying his orders.

One after another the heroes were brought down – spells seemed to have no effect on this half elf as he moved with grace and was able to avoid many of the attacks sent at him. After several tense moments the party was able to get him surrounded in a narrow hallway – and that turned the tables as the heroes had the advantage of numbers on their side and finally took him down.

They discovered a journal on him – as well as some magical items. They also found a tunnel under the glassworks that had obvious goblin tracks in it.

After securing the entrance to the tunnel – resolving to rest after such a large battle before continuing on – the heroes retired for the evening. Reflection on the prior weeks events found the heroes increasing in power.


Ckorik Ckorik

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