Rise of the Runelords

A well deserved rest

Our heroes managed to get back to the town – arms full of treasure.

They have vanquished the Thistletop goblin tribe – laid waste to the goblin fortress so that it would take years for the goblins to rebuild. They have stopped a massive goblin raid that was due to attack the town of Sandpoint.

Our heroes are victorious. But at what cost?

A ranger missing.
A monk sent back to the order.
A dwarven barbarian possibly creating a new goblin religion.

A fallen companion.

Biru has fallen, crushed by a giant crab beneath Thistletop. Our heroes managed to get back to the town – arms full of treasure – and hearts full of sadness.

After a period of mourning the party placed a magical amulet on Biru’s body to preserve her in hopes that at some point they can afford to request magical healing. Because of the assistance to the town she has been placed inside the crypts of the Cathedral. Waiting for her return.

The party then retired to the Rusty Dragon Inn. They healed, they practiced, they sold loot and placed orders for new equipment.

One morning a knock on the door interrupts their breakfast – the Sheriff has asked them to accompany him. Curious the heroes ask what is the problem.

“There has been a murder, and one of your names is at the crime scene, – I can say no more until you see for yourselves.”

And that – my friends…. is where we left off – and where we shall pick up again!


Didn’t do it. Have been spending almost my entire waking hours since Biru’s death in room, working and mourning. No alibi. Could prove innocence, if sheriff comprehended status of current alchemical projects plus necessity of my involvement in the process. Not hopeful of that comprehension. Could be… problematic.


A well deserved rest
Ckorik Ckorik

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