Rise of the Runelords

A Murder Most Foul.....

The party begins to investigate a muder spree in the town of Sandpoint

3rd of Lamashan,

The party is met by Belor Hemlock who takes them aside and explains that a murder has occurred and the town would be grateful for the party’s assistance in trying to solve the mystery.

He says the following:

" First, let me thank you again for all you’ve done for Sandpoint. It’s fortunate you’ve proven yourselves so capable, because we’ve a problem I think you can help us with-a problem I wish I didn’t have to involve anyone with, but one that needs dealing with now before the situation grows worse." Put simply, we have a murderer in our midst one who, I fear, has only begun his work. Some of you doubtless remember the Late Unpleasantness, how this town nearly tore itself apart in fear as Chopper’s slayings went on unanswered. I’m afraid we might have something similar brewing now. " Last night, the murderer struck at the sawmill. There are two victims, and they’re … they’re in pretty gruesome shape. The bodies were discovered by one of the mill workers, a man named lbor Thorn, and by the time my men and I arrived on the scene, a crowd of curious gawkers had already sprung up.

I’ve got my men stationed there now, keeping the mill locked down, but the thing that bothers me isn’t the fact that we have two dead bodies inside. It’s the fact that this is actually the second set of murders we’ve had in the last few days. " I come to you for help in this matter-my men are good, but they are also green. They were barely able to handle themselves against the goblins, and what we’re facing now is an evil far worse than goblins. I need the help. But I’m afraid you’ll need the help too. You see, I’m afraid that this particular murderer knows one of you as well."

With this he hands the party a note,
The note is written in blood and inscribed on the outside it says…. “To Tyerk”

The Sheriff then goes on to detail the murders – the second one was at the lumber mill where Banny Harker and Katrine Vinder were murdered. The person that found them was Ibor Thorn – he is in lockup.

The first murders – were three local con men by the names of Tarch Mortwell, Lener Hask, and Gedwin Tabe. They were found when guards searched a barn outside of which a man named Grayst Sevilla was raving – quite mad and covered with blood. On the bodies the following note was found:
Grayst is currently being held at the local sanitarium.

Ven Vinder is also in lockup – having a local reputation for quite the temper and the fact that it was his daughter that was murdered – he is a natural suspect.

At the lumber mill the party discovered bare footprints in the gore – the body of Katrine who was mauled by a log splitter, and Harker’s body – hung from hooks on the wall and disfigured beyond belief. On Harker’s body was carved a symbol:
They also found an axe – reeking of carrion – Kwame was able to identify that the stench came from some kind of undead creature. Also Harker’s body had been mauled by something with claws in the shape of a human hand. Outside the mill the party was able to find muddy footprints that seem to come from the River onto the dock of the mill – Kruga was able to note that the footprints led to the wall of the mill where someone apparently scrambled up the wall and through a window at the top of the mill.

Investigating the bodies of the first murder the party found the same rune carved onto the chests of all three victims – they also noted the disfigurement of the bodies matched up with Harker.

Investigating the barn the party noted that there was a fight – and that the bodies were laid out side by side – and then butchered.

They plan to investigate the Sanitarium soon……


It’s also important for us to remember that, in addition to the horrific disfigurement of Harker and the three Con men, they had their jaws removed. Kwame took particular note of that, as he realized that by doing so it prevented spells that could commune with the dead from working on the murder victims.

A Murder Most Foul.....
Ckorik Ckorik

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